Current Updates – Firebase Extensions, Blog Updates & SUPRISE (12.06.2019)

Hi. I’ve updated several sections of the blog today and I wanted to let you know that I have several upcoming extensions.

Firebase Extensions Updates

I have updated all the extensions to the latest versions of Firebase SDKs last month. I am also working on two new Firebase Extensions that’ll be come for Game Maker Studio 2 (possibly for v1.4x too)

Firebase Firestore Extension

This extension allows you to do real-time database operations in the Game Maker. It uses the powerful Google servers to add / get / query data from/to your Firestore database. So far, I have tested the basics of the extension and all’s working perfectly! Once the extension is completed, I’ll share it for FREE & Open Source just like the other extensions. Plus, the extension is really really so easy to use. Here’s one example;

Firestore is a noSQL database and everything is based on collections / documents. I’ll write a tutorial about this once I share the extension.


And that’s it. Just two lines of functions and you’re now listening to the phil_collins document in real-time. This means that if any of the players change this document, the changes will be sent to you in miliseconds.

For adding documents to a collection, I’ve written a small data structure for this.

firebase_firestore_write_double("length", 140); //140 seconds?? 🙂
firebase_firestore_write_bool("is_my_favourite", true);
firebase_firestore_write_add("my_song_collection/phil_collins"); //ADD it to this folder.

Or if you want to merge the files(only change the parts where I added, you can use:


All the responses are given back through Social Async Events. More details will be added.

Blog Updates

I’ve updated the blog’s SSL and planning to do a tutorial about using Firebase panel.


Just saying: Firebase Machine Learning Kits are coming to the Game Maker Studio soon.



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