Game Maker File Dropper Extension

Game Maker File Dropper extension allows you to drag and drop files and folders right into your game windows, which is very useful in cases. (I think dragging and dropping profile picture for your game is practical right? or a better one is simply doing it for loading the game with another’s savefile), It supports

  • Dragging and dropping files and folders
  • Getting the path of every file (C:/my_folder/my_picture.png for ex).
Game Maker File Dropper Extension is written by the community member Samuel Venable. His forum post is available here

An example is provided with the extension.

Taken from the original Forum Post
The extension available for MacOS at the moment and completely free. Enjoy

Open Source

Open source code can be found in extension’s folder. To open the folder, simply right click to the extension and select Open in Explorer. Open source code is inside of the zip file. (



Truely speaking, I don't know what am I doing most of the time.

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  1. It’s not as urgent because the guy I made this for initially didn’t request it, but I’ve decided to add support for Linux next, and possibly even HTML5. I just wanted to let everyone who views this page know this so they can stay tuned for more target platform support! 🙂

  2. For the record, I’m very tempted to make it free even after I add macOS support, as I doubt selling it any higher than $1.99 USD will allow for that many sales, and I can’t imagine that many people buying it regardless. I’ll let everyone know what my final decision is, I just need a week or less to finish the macOS version to decide.

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