Game Maker Photoshop Importer Extension

Game Maker Photoshop Importer Extension allows you to copy your Photopshop art into your game. It automatically parses the data, and retrieve the layers. It feels exactly like serialization. In this case, we bring in images.

Game Maker File Photoshop Importer Extension is written by the community member Tsa05. His forum post is available here

How it works?

Basically, when you design your Photoshop project, you split pieces into Layers and normally you would save each layer separately as PNG and drag&drop them into Game Maker window.

Considering this, the extension provides two things:

  1. You can avoid importing part and just design your Photoshop.
  2. You can create an internal system acts as a DLC manager where users can select PSD files to mod their games, or anything comes to your mind.

More Information

There are premade scripts for importing the PSD easily. More details & how-it-works are available at the extension’s page. Please check this page for more information.



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